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MLR as in Masters in Leather Restoration

Through four decades of experience, our research and development team has ensured Color Glo International maintain and develop quality premium repair products that have incorporated the latest cyanoacrylate adhesive technologies, advanced graining products, premium quality fillers and aniline leather restoration technology.


IRS as in Intricate Repair Service

There are many products, social media advice and DIY videos demonstrating how to repair/restore leather items, but the lack of understanding the chemical composition breakdown in these products, the different leather materials commonly found grouped with inexperience in applying these products can in fact, ruin your leather and its longevity. This is why you should entrust your leather repair needs to the specialists.


TLC as in Thorough Leather Cleansing

Our products qualify under ISO 9001 specifications providing your leather needs with the best in premium cleaning services. PH balanced, water based, bio-degradable products ensure the environment is safe through our “go-green” certification, and our premium products ensure that your leather stays rich, soft and supple. We are familiar with all types of leather that inhabit the marketplace, so our patented formulas clubbed with our experience will keep your leather maintained and looking radiant.



We have incorporated in our service menu offering a water based, botanical broad spectrum heavy duty sanitizing disinfecting agent with deoderizing agents. It’s botanically derived active ingredient THYMOX with EPA (Environmental Protection Act) accreditation, provide the best in deep cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and deoderizing, and safe to use without PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), whilst omitting a pleasant lemongrass grapefruit scent.

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